We'll Provide A Safe Ride Home For You And Your Car

Curbside Food Delivery and Residential Beer Delivery for as little as $7.00

Are you hungry but just would prefer not to leave your home or office? We can deliver! It's Simple: Step 1: Contact Tipsy Ryde for delivery availability 2) Order your food from your restaurant choice under the name Tipsy Ryde ,Step 3.We'll pick up your order 4)We’ll provide speedy curbside food delivery. (Order totals will be texted prior to delivery). Need home delivery for beer or wine? Call or text and we;ll deliver. ( proof of age is required ).


Transportation for you and your vehicle For as little as $20.00

The number one reason a person doesn't request a safe ride home is simply because they don’t want to leave their vehicles behind. Let our driving team pick up YOU and YOUR CAR.

Our Co Ed Drivers Are Fully Insured
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